Most caravans have an antenna.  A satellite dish is the best antenna.  So why not buy the best satellite dish system?  Unlike EVERY other dish in Australia, our MiniMax is Australian designed and majority Australian made by us.  Our latest design can not be compared to other systems on the market. We wanted to have the most durable, best performing, ruggedly designed and easiest dish to align in Australia and we've achieved this.  Match this up with an advanced, professional satellite meter to align your dish, 10 metres of the highest quality, low loss coaxial cable available, an easy to install weatherproof wall fitting, all internal cables and Australia's smallest, most advanced 12V twin tuner Altech 4921 satellite decoder box and you have a durable, high performance, easy to use satellite kit that will provide years of trouble free operation.  Read below to find out more.


Take a good look at the pictures of our system and you'll notice the quality of construction.  Majority aluminium with stainless steel hardware equals durability in all weather conditions and better resistance to corrosion when exposed to salty air. Our 80cm high performance dish reflector, coupled with our exclusive Inverto brand LNB (amplifier on the end of the dish) and precise computer cut LNB support arm has resulted in a dish that will outperform all other dishes of comparable size and provide coverage all over Australia...that's our guarantee.  
Furthermore, for a limited time, we are including an additional pole mounting bracket so you can remove the dish from the aluminium frame and attach it to the pole bracket then use it on the drawbar of your van....versatile eh?  We even offer as an optional extra, a 1.0m aluminium mast and universal drawbar clamp that will fit any caravan drawbar so you can use the dish on the drawbar or rear bar of your van..
We've priced the complete package to compete with the imported variations of this dish that you'll find on the internet so not only can you purchase a quality system at a good price, you're also supporting Australian workers.  
This complete system includes everything required to access the full range of satellite digital TV channels anywhere in Australia. 


  • MiniMax Satellite dish with padded carry bag

  • Bonus Pole mount so you can now remove the dish from the frame and mount it on a pole on your drawbar

  • Professional SatPlus 3240b satellite meter

  • 10m highest quality, low loss RG6 quad shield coaxial cable

  • 1m internal coaxial cable

  • Altech 12V and 240V VAST Certified TWIN TUNER satellite box

  • EziPlate through wall connection

  • 12V cigarette cable

  • HDMI cable for high definition viewing on your TV

  • Infra red sensor so you can mount the Altech 4921 decoder in a cupboard and control all operations by pointing the remote at the sensor eye outside the cupboard

  • 3 x cable joiners

  • Instruction manual

We're now including a pole mount bracket so you can remove the dish from the frame and attach it to the pole mount for use on your drawbar.  What a great idea...easy to use on the ground and on a pole on your drawbar.


Unlike the basic satellite finders offered in cheaper systems, our professional digital satellite meter makes aligning the dish a breeze.  The satellite meters main purpose is to indicate not only when the satellite has been found but also to display how much signal quality is being received.  Signal quality is the most crucial measurement of all and the rule is quite simple:  If the meter is showing adequate signal quality (ie 80%) then you can be confident that when you disconnect the meter and connect the dish directly to the satellite decoder box inside then van, you KNOW that everything is going to work without question.  We believe the satellite meter to be perhaps the most important part of the system and a digital meter is essential for quick alignment.  The 3240b meter is pre-programmed for the Optus C1/D3 satellite and will only respond to this satellite so you hit the right one every time and ignore all of the other satellites.  Our 3240b handheld digital satellite meter is rechargeable and super sensitive too.  As you pan the dish from one side across North at the correct elevation, the meter will beep and will display  SIGNAL QUALITY as a percentage measurement and will also beep to alert you.  Super easy to operate too, simply switch on and the unit will start up showing the signal quality screen - no complicated menus to navigate.  Then, when fine tuned for maximum signal, simply switch it back off.  With a full charge, you can expect around 4 hours of power.  Comes complete with a power pack recharger, basic compass and instructions. 


The Altech 4921 twin tuner PVR ready satellite decoder is a welcome addition to the Altech range as it ticks every box when it comes to performance, physical size and features not seen before in an Australian VAST certified product. 

Firstly, for those of you unsure what a VAST decoder is - VAST is the acronym for Viewer Access Satellite Television.  The VAST service is broadcast on the Optus C1/D3 satellites and can be accessed by people living in poor TV reception areas as well as travellers on the road with a mobile satellite system in a caravan, camper or motorhome.  Connect this decoder to your satellite dish and access all of the free to air digital channels such as ABC, SBS, Seven Central (Seven Network), Imparja (Nine Network), Ten Central (Ten Network) as well as ABC NEWS, SBS2, Mate, Go, Gem, One, Eleven etc etc.  A host of radio channels are also broadcast such as BBC World News, Triple J, Double J etc.

Any traveller can access the VAST service by registering their included smartcard at

Featuring twin tuner, you'll be able to record one channel while watching another.  Even record two channels at the same time (hard drive or USB stick required and not included).  The Altech 4921 is the most compact, advanced VAST box with fast start up and channel change time.  No more waiting for the box to start up and scan in the channels either as the 4921 stores all of the channel information and simply boots up quickly to the last channel watched. And with included infra red sensor, you can store the box in a cupboard and with the sensor eye on the outside of the cupboard you can keep the doors closed.   A cigarette lead as well as 240V transformer means you can power the box from either 12V in your van or 240V when at a caravan park.


You'll need a way to connect that external coaxial cable in through your van wall.    You may already have something similar but unless it is a direct connection with no joins or splitter in between then it will not work. Our EziPlate can adjust to wall thickness up to 30 mm and is a direct, no loss connection from outside to in. Please note that WineGard external wallplates will NOT work with satellite.  

Also includes 3 cable joiners and short leads to connect from the internal fitting of the plate to the back of the satellite decoder.


Supplied as standard, RG6 quad shield cable @ 10 metre length.  This is to connect from your satellite dish to the caravan wallplate.  Our cable is professional grade as used by pay TV installers.  Each end is fitted with weatherproof compression fittings by us.  As we also fit our dishes with a short coaxial cable used to connect the meter, we include cable joiners for when the meter has been removed.  


Everything makes sense when concise instructions are included. Our manual will assist you with directions, elevation angles as well as decoder screenshots and more.

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