The Maxview AU2590/85 crank up satellite dish offers most of the benefits of an automatic dish without the hefty price tag.  These benefits include:

  • Roof mounted for security

  • Wind up from inside your van

  • Australia wide coverage

  • No need to carry out and align a manual dish each time

  • No storage required

  • Low profile on your roof

  • Quick alignment


Imagine being able to go ANYWHERE in Australia and get perfect TV everytime.  Furthermore, picture being able to wind up your high quality Maxview Crank Up dish from inside the van and watching the picture come on right in front of you on your TV.  That's the beauty of a roof mounted system.  Reception anywhere.

Installation can be carried out by a competent handyman or we can arrange for a professional to do this for you (subject to area).  The Maxview Crank Up comes mounted on a circular aluminium plate ready to glue and screw to your roof.  A 1" hole is drilled directly below the plate to cater for the winding mechanism/assembly.  The coaxial cables are then routed to an overhead cupboard and down inside the cupboard to the digital satellite decoder (not included but we can supply this too).  When complete the dish will look like this on your roof.



The Maxview Crank Up is one of the lowest profile systems available in the world today.  Measuring just 170mm off the roof, you're Maxview Crank Up will lay down lower than your air conditioner and won't get in the way when backing under your garage or carport.  



Manufactured in the UK, the Maxview Crank Up is quality all the way.  Strong alloy dish bracket, with aluminium dish reflector, moulded UV stabilized plastics and best of all - solid steel gearbox and components.  Unlike many consumer products these days, Maxview maintain the highest level or workmanship and materials when producing the Maxview Crank Up system.  Hence the three year warranty.  The picture below shows the internal gearbox and components.


Just like any aligning manual satellite system, there are a few things you need to know before you start.  DIRECTION to the satellite and ELEVATION up to the satellite.  The Maxview Crank Up comes complete with a chart that shows these bearings no matter where you are in Australia.  A basic compass will show you the direction to north and our charts will tell you the direction to the satellite relative to north.  If in Brisbane, wind up the crank handle until the scale on the mechanism reads 58 degrees.  The wind up assembly has a pointer showing the current direction of the dish.  Now turn the bezel until the dish is pointing in the correct direction. All going well you'll have picture on the TV.  If not, adjust the elevation angle slightly and repeat.  See our product demonstration video below:


The Maxview comes complete with twin output LNB.  What does this mean?  The LNB is the amplifier on the end of the dish arm that receives the reflected signal.  Throughout the world there are a few different LNB types.  The important thing to know here is that the LNB that comes pre-fitted to the Maxview Crank Up dish has two outputs and is compatible with ALL Australian pay TV satellite boxes (decoders) including Foxtel IQ and the free to air service known as VAST.  :


The Maxview Crankup is a manual system.  That is:  Wind it up - rotate the dish - find the signal.  The LNB position within its holder is called the skew position.  Included with the Maxview Crank Up is a chart which shows elevation, direction and LNB skew.  There are 5 LNB skew zones within Australia.  Depending on which zone you're in, you may have to rotate the LNB to the right position.  Fortunately, the zones are very expansive as you can imagine.  For instance, zone 1 goes all the way from Tasmania to Hervey Bay: over 2000 kilometres.  It's always a good idea though, to install your Maxview Crank Up dish near the rear end of the van or to the side of the van so you can access the LNB if need be.


New price on the Maxview Crankup is $1295.00 for the system.  If you also require a VAST decoder for free to air channels, add on $295.00 .  Of course if you already have Pay TV via satellite then you'll be able to bring the decoder along and connect direct to the Maxview Crankup.

We love the Maxview Crank Up and we're sure you will too. If you need anymore information, feel free to contact us on 07 5455 5528 or email

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